AltJIT allows apps sideloaded with AltStore to enable just-in-time compilation, more commonly known as JIT. JIT allows some apps to run significantly faster — or even at all — but iOS does not normally allow apps to use JIT for security reasons. AltJIT is an AltStore-specific workaround that allows you to enable JIT for any sideloaded app whenever you're on the same WiFi as AltServer.

Enable JIT


  1. 1.
    Open the "My Apps" tab then long-press the app you want to use JIT.
  2. 2.
    Press "Enable JIT" to launch the app, and within a few seconds you should see an AltStore notification saying JIT has been enabled.


  1. 1.
    First, make sure that the app you want to use JIT with is running in the foreground of your device.
  2. 2.
    Go to “Enable JIT” > [Your Device], then choose an app you want to use with JIT.
Once enabled, an app can continue using JIT until it is force-quit from the app switcher or purged from memory while suspended in the background.
If you're experiencing issues getting AltJIT to work, be sure to check out our troubleshooting guide.