AltServer 1.7.1 (macOS only)

November 30, 2023

  • Increases default AltJIT timeout to 90 seconds

  • Change AltJIT timeout via defaults Terminal command:

    defaults write com.rileytestut.AltServer JITTimeout [seconds]

  • Adds --timeout argument to altjit CLI tool

AltServer 1.7 (macOS only)

September 18, 2023


  • Mail Plug-in no longer required!

  • Supports macOS 14 Sonoma

altjit CLI

  • Command-line tool to enable JIT on iOS 17 devices

  • Used internally by AltServer, but can be run manually via Terminal

  • e.g. AltServer.app/MacOS/altjit enable DolphiniOS --udid [device ID]

  • Requires installing additional dependencies (view AltJIT page for instructions)

  • Thanks to pymobiledevice3 for their work on the iOS 17 Developer Disk format!


  • Fixed AltJIT on iOS 17

  • Fixed "About" panel appearing behind other apps

  • Updates Copyright year to 2023

AltServer 1.6.2 (macOS only)

September 28, 2023


  • Mail Plug-in no longer required!


  • Fixed "About" panel appearing behind other apps

  • Updates Copyright year to 2023

AltServer 1.6.1 (Windows only)

February 20, 2023

  • Supports Apple IDs with Advanced Data Protection (ADP) enabled

AltServer 1.6

January 30, 2023


Revamped Error Handling

  • Completely revamped error handling to include as much information as possible, which should make debugging certain issues much easier

  • Revised error messages to be more descriptive and provide more suggestions

  • Adds “View More Details”/”Help” button to error alerts to view detailed error information

  • Adds "Search FAQ" button to error alert

  • Revised error domain format to [Module].[ErrorType]

  • AltServer.ServerError codes start at 2000

  • AltStore.AppleDeveloperError codes start at 3000

  • Uses underlying error messages (if available) for several AltServer.ServerError errors

  • Encodes/Decodes all Codable user info values, not just recognized types

iOS Version Compatibility

  • Checks iOS compatibility before installing AltStore

  • Downloads latest compatible AltStore version for your iOS device


  • Uses CFBundleDisplayName instead of CFBundleName for app name if it exists (Windows)

  • Revised error messages to match AltServer macOS (Windows)


  • Fixed error encoding CodableError Int/UInt user info values

  • Fixed adding failures to NSErrors with nil localizedFailureReasons

  • Fixed occasional crash when receiving requests from AltStore (macOS)

  • Fixed installation alerts saying "iPhone" instead of actual device name (macOS)

  • Fixed AltServer notification icon not appearing in Windows 11 22H2 taskbar (Windows)

AltServer 1.5.1

July 14, 2022

  • Fixed signing in with Apple IDs that contain capital letters

  • Fixed signing in with Apple IDs that have 2FA enabled but don’t have any registered trusted devices

  • Fixed incorrect “Developer Disk incompatible with [iOS Version]” error when enabling AltJIT

  • Fixed installing Mail plug-in after uninstalling it (macOS)

  • Fixed memory leak when refreshing apps over WiFi (macOS)

  • Fixed an issue causing wired connections to occasionally stall (macOS)

  • Fixed an issue causing indefinite high CPU usage after enabling AltJIT (Windows)

  • Fixed an issue causing indefinite high CPU usage after updating AltStore (Windows)

AltServer 1.5

May 3, 2022



  • Allows sideloaded apps to use Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation

  • Go to "Enable JIT" > [Your Device] from the AltServer menu, then choose a sideloaded app

    • Your device must be on the same WiFi network as AltServer or connected to your computer via USB

  • JIT will remain enabled until the app is quit from the app switcher or purged from memory in the background

  • Requires iOS 14 or later

Direct .ipa Sideloading

  • Sideload apps (.ipa's) directly to iOS devices without installing AltStore first

  • Hold Option (macOS) or Shift (Windows) when clicking the AltServer icon to reveal new "Sideload .ipa…" menu option

  • Supports iPhones and iPads running iOS 9.3 or later

  • Supports Apple TVs running tvOS 9.3 or later (macOS)

    • For now, Apple TVs must be manually paired with Xcode first

  • Apps sideloaded with AltServer must be manually re-installed every 7 days

    • Install AltStore to automatically refresh your sideloaded apps in the background

Multiple Device Support

  • Install AltStore onto multiple iOS devices using the same Apple ID

  • You must use the same computer to install AltStore each time

Mail Plug-in Improvements (macOS)

  • AltPlugin can now be updated independently from AltServer

  • AltPlugin is no longer required if both System Integrity Protection (SIP) and Apple Mobile File Integrity (AMFI) are disabled


  • Added “…” to menu items that require additional user input to match macOS HIG (macOS)

  • Prefers “Individual” paid teams over free teams if there are multiple Apple Developer teams associated with your Apple ID

  • Revokes the previous iOS Development certificate created by AltStore (if one exists) instead of revoking a random one

  • Updated “Cannot activate more than 3 apps” error alert to list all sideloaded app bundle IDs

  • Revised code signing logic to more accurately match Apple’s codesign tool

  • Improved error message when authenticating with invalid anisette data

  • Improved error messages for libimobiledevice errors

  • Improved error messages for various AltServer-specific errors

  • Updated libimobiledevice dependency to 1.3.0

  • Updated LaunchAtLogin dependency to 4.1.0 (macOS)


  • Fixed “App Group does not exist” error when sideloading apps

  • Fixed a potential crash when disconnecting an iOS device from your computer

  • Fixed a potential crash when sideloading certain apps

  • Fixed potentially registering an app group twice when sideloading an app containing app extensions

  • Fixed “RSTPlaceholderView.nib couldn’t be saved” error when sideloading apps (macOS)

  • Fixed duplicate “Revoke Development Certificate” alerts when sideloading apps (macOS)

  • Fixed issue unzipping .ipa’s with unexpected files in Payload directory (Windows)

  • Fixed ignoring some error responses from Apple’s developer servers (Windows)

  • Fixed memory leak when parsing responses from Apple’s developer servers (Windows)

  • Fixed various memory leaks when managing a device’s provisioning profiles (Windows)

  • Fixed various memory leaks when installing AltStore or sideloading .ipa’s (Windows)

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