AltStore 1.5.1

July 14, 2022
  • Fixed signing in with Apple IDs that contain capital letters
  • Fixed signing in with Apple IDs that have 2FA enabled but don’t have any registered trusted devices
  • Fixed repeatedly asking some users to sign in every time they refresh their apps
  • Fixed “Application is missing application-identifier” error when sideloading or (de-)activating certain apps
  • Fixed “Incorrect Apple ID or password” error after changing an Apple ID’s primary email address
  • Fixed crash when receiving unknown error codes from AltServer

AltStore 1.5

May 6, 2022


Trusted Sources

  • Download and update certain third party apps entirely through AltStore
  • Add Trusted Sources directly from the new Sources page
  • Trusted Sources are sources we’ve explicitly approved because they meet our safety standards
  • Support for adding any source by URL will be coming later


  • Allows sideloaded apps to use Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation
  • Long-press an app in My Apps, then choose “Enable JIT” – a few seconds later you should see an AltStore notification saying “Successfully Enabled JIT”
    • Your device must be on the same WiFi network as AltServer or connected to your computer via USB
  • JIT will remain enabled until the app is quit from the app switcher or purged from memory in the background
  • Requires iOS 14 or later
  • Requires AltServer 1.5 or later


  • Supports landscape app screenshots
  • Adds Shane to credits and Patreon screen
  • Prefetches & caches Friend Zone patrons to offset the Patreon API’s slow response time


  • Fixed a potential crash when sideloading certain apps
  • Fixed some apps having access to AltStore’s app group after being (de-)activated
  • Fixed crash when adding or removing sources that have News items
  • Fixed Core Data error when not connected to internet due to saving non-NSSecureEncoding items from NSError’s userInfo
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